Monday, May 3, 2010

Give me Five!

Django giving me the High Five. Karen Pryor has some amazing books that teach you how to train a dog in a positive manner. he learned this in a bout 5 minutes over 2 days time. You can see a video of someone else training on this page, see Boomer video.


We got a puppy two weeks ago, an Australian Shepherd. Django is Ten weeks old now and adjusting nicely. I decided to train him with the use of a Clicker. A Positive training as opposed to Standard training (more on this later). After two weeks he can Sit, Lay Down, Roll Over, High Five, Crawl like a snake, get On something and goes out to Potty (if we don't forget to leave the Doggy Door open). this picture is from Day One, today is Day Fifteen.


Anyone that has been checking in on this has realized that I haven't posted many drawings lately. Life gets in the way. Oh well... I'm sure everyone goes through that. So rather than beat myself up I'm just going to go with it.