Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jim Van Der Keyl Master Copy

I've been trying to learn Caricatures. I have the Jason Seiler "Sketching" DVD and I'm using his Sketching technique. I also recently bought "A Caricaturists Handbook" by Jim Van Der Keyl. These are both great learning tools. This sketch is a copy out of the Book. not a Trace but a copy. I used a ballpoint pen, so all the imperfections are there. Jason Seiler recommends just sketching with the pen and leaving the working lines etc... in the drawing, that is what I'm doing. So, there are oddities that are hard to fix. It is just a sketch and I feel it gives them a little personality. Let me know your thought all comments negative or otherwise are appreciated.

It is done with ballpoint pen on a 6" x 8" Sketch pad.

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